New Release: Book “My Milwaukee Road” by Mike Schafer

New Release: Book My Milwaukee Road by Mike Schafer

The first release from Schafer Station is My Milwaukee Road by Mike Schafer. In this 160-page hardcover book, author Mike Schafer tells his story about growing up, and photographing, The Milwaukee Road, from the time he began taking colors photos in 1964 to the road’s acquisition in 1985 by Soo Line. The book is series of entertaining remembrances by rail historian Mike Schafer relating tales of traveling The Milwaukee Road system across two decades. Presented in 9 x 12 inch format with more than 225 favorite photos, My Milwaukee Road is available direct from the publisher for $69.96 (plus $5 shipping and handling in the U.S. and Canada). You can purchase this new book from Schafer Station’s website.