New Release: HO Baldwin Early Diesels from Bowser

New Release: HO Baldwin Early Diesel Locomotives from Bowser

Bowser recently delivered a new collection of its fully assembled Baldwin road diesels in HO scale. These early diesel era prototypes include AS-16, AS-616, AS-416, DRS 6-6-1500, and DRS 4-4-1500 models. These chunky looking short hood/cab/long hood-design present a unique take on this then-developing style of diesel locomotives. Bowser’s production was a limited run and provides HO reproductions in standard DC version ($199.95) with 21-pin socket for digital conversion, and DCC-sound version ($299.95) with ESU’s LokSound Select electronics. Road names in this production include a range of eras with examples reproducing late 1940s and early 1950s as-delivered looks to later era liveries like Penn Central. This series of HO-scale Baldwin diesel locomotive models include many separate details including MU hoses, windshield wipers, grab irons, cab shades, wind deflectors, and more. The model comes with flexible handrails, operating headlight, and body-mounted knuckle couplers. Check with your hobby dealer for stock or visit Bowser online for availability.