New Release: HO Funaro & Camerlengo ACF 1790 Covered Hopper kit

Funaro & Camerlengo’s new craftsman-level kit builds American Car & Foundry’s (ACF) two-bay covered hopper. This 70-ton freight car was introduced by ACF in the late 1930s and provided 1,790-cubi-foot capacity. This prototype served many Eastern U.S. railroads. The assembled model shows a Lehigh & New England example. Funaro & Camerlengo sells its $59.99 kit and now includes a one-piece body shell with your choice of road name (provided in decals with the kit): Bessemer & Lake Erie; Delaware, Lackawanna & Western (two versions: black or white lettering); Elgin, Joliet & Eastern; Nickel Plate Road; and Wheeling & Lake Erie. Visit the company’s website for more information and to order your kit.