Rapido’s Angus Shops Caboose

A new production of Rapido Trains’ wide-vision Angus Shops caboose models is available now in HO scale. This 2023 release provides improved lighting as an enhancement for this highly detailed 1:87 replica, which has been part of Rapido’s freight car offerings for several years. This latest run includes new paint schemes and re-runs of popular road numbers from previous offerings.

Rapido is also announcing this model is coming to its N-scale line in the future. The debut release in 1:160 features prototypical and non-prototypical paint schemes (all with multiple road numbers). Like it’s HO sibling, the all-new N-scale Angus Shops’ wide-vision caboose will come fully assembled and loaded with separate details. The replica will include battery-powered lighting (interior and exterior end marker lights). Check out the coming models and be sure to see the special release CSX “Safety First” model.

Rapido Trains

HO-scale Angus Shops Caboose

N-scale Angus Shops Caboose