Zingraff Casting is new in HO from Fos Scale Models


Fos Scale Models introduces Zingraff Casting to the hobby manufacturer’s line of HO releases. The kit provides materials to create a small brick structure with lots of detail. The roof features a skylight, dust collector, and large sign. Surrounding the building, you’ll receive oil drums, welding tanks, junk-filled dumpster, workbench cabinets, and more.
The craftsman-level kit features brick walls made of cast hydrocal, molded plastic windows, 3D-printed and metal detail parts, color signs, laser-cut walls, details, and scale lumber sections. The assembled and decorated example shown includes figures and scenery not included in this Fos Scale Models release. The building requires a footprint of 6 x 6 1/2 inches. Complete instructions are included with this $119.95 offering. If you’ve not worked with hydrocal castings, Doug Foscale has a video tutorial on his website that will enlighten hobbyists on this material and you’ll learn important tips to a better build by watching the video. This kit and many other offerings, including accessories are available from Fos Scale Models.

Fos Scale Models