Home Shops has Tangent-made High Cubes in HO

Home Shops has a new group of 86-foot high-cube boxcar replicas available decorated in schemes for home road/freelance model railroads. You read about Home Shops and saw the company’s initial release of a similar home road series of Tangent Scale Models-made 4750 three-bay covered hoppers in July 2022’s Model Railroad News. This latest limited production release includes Arkansas Valley, Chinook Lines, Cincinnati & Lake Erie, Crescent Lines, Maryland Southern, Natchez Trace & Orient, Virginia & Atlantic. Each home road name is available with two road numbers with a four-number “Founders Fleet” series offered for the group of Crescent Lines high cubes with each boxcar including the name of a key member of the Crescent City Model Railroad Club of New Orleans, La.

These ready-to-run or display HO-scale Greenville high cube boxcars include the builder’s quad-door design with later era production five grab iron feature. These releases are only available direct from Home Shops and sell for $56.95 each (plus shipping).

Home Shops has limited stock remaining on its 4750 covered hopper release and recent “small batch” run of 1917-design tank cars decorated for Virginian & Ohio (both releases produced by Tangent Scale Models exclusively for Home Shops).

While you’re visiting Home Shops website checking out these new HO high-cube boxcars, be sure to look at the illustrations for additional freight car projects coming in the near future.

Home Shops Limited Edition Designs