New Release: HO ICG Decals sets for Tangent’s GATC 4700

HO-scale ICG Decals IC and ICG sets for GATC 4700 Covered Hopper

ICG Decals introduces five new decal sets for its line of fine-quality HO releases. These new sets are silk screen printed and sell for $12 each. The waterslide decal sets include accurate lettering presented in multicolors.


ABOVE: This 1992 photo shows ICG 755120 wearing a faded version of the 1977 and 1978 repaint look. –Dan Kohlberg photo

The offerings include Illinois Central as-delivered 1966 gray (ICG-95), Illinois Central early 1970s orange repaints (ICG-96), Illinois Central Gulf 1972-1977 orange repaints (ICG-97), Illinois Central Gulf 1977 and 1978 orange repaints (ICG-98), and Illinois Central Gulf 1978-1983 orange repaints (ICG-99).

ICG Decals sells direct via its website. You’ll find Dan Kohlberg in person with his decals at the 2023 St. Louis RPM.