What’s in the Box: HO New York Central E8 from Rapido Trains/Heartland Hobbies

What’s in the Box: HO Rapido Trains (Heartland Hobby Exclusive) New York Central E8A 

This interesting green New York Central (NYC) E8A diesel locomotive model is from Rapido Trains’ recent production; however, you will find it among a special collection of road names available only from Heartland Hobby Wholesale dealers. There are two road numbers available for this NYC experimental green: 4053 and 4083. These New York Central green E8As come with Digital Command Control (DCC) and ESU’s LokSound audio; no standard DC versions were produced for this Heartland Hobby Wholesale group.

Read a review of this New York Central HO-scale E8A diesel locomotive and reviews of Rapido’s recent CP Rail and Amtrak (Phase I scheme) releases in Model Railroad News’ August 2023 edition.

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